Reporting Solutions



Following are the few screen shots of the reports which were made in ColdFusion. Most of the reports have been migrated from Crystal Report.

Six Sigma Report
Six Sigma reports show Mean, Median, Standard Deviation,Voice of Customer (VOC), Upper Control Limit (UCL), Lower Control Limit (LCL) and basic totals.
Bar Chart Report  
Bar Chart show the volume of each items of a particular period. It is also represented in text.
Trend Report  
Trend report shows trend of total jobs for a day and total late and on time job. On time jobs for a day is represented in percentage.
Volume Report  
This is simple report shows the volume of assets give selected time period.
Pie Chart  
Pie Chart show percentage of a work done. The chart is also represented in data.
Bar Code labels  
Bar code can be generated from the normal text from the database and can be used a labels to track assets, people and every other items that can be tagged.
Grouping Report  
In this report a item and its sub-items are grouped together to get their totals.
CrossTab Report  
This kind of reports shows details in tabular format showing vertical and horizontal totals.